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Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting are three different tasks that are required to be done regularly. To prevent the spread of infectious diseases one must keep the space clean. But do you know what is the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting? Many people misunderstand the three but today in this blog you will understand the core differences between all three. Let us understand the importance of cleaning and the difference through this blog. 

Why is it necessary to clean your space?

The purpose of cleaning is to remove germs from the surface. The choice of cleaning product of cleaning varies from person to person. Some only prefer to do it by themselves with water, and some cleaning products and many prefer to hire janitorial cleaning services in London Ontario. Cleaning alone can remove 98% of bacteria and 93% of viruses using microfiber as published by the EPA. Also, cleaning disturbs the environment that allows germs to reproduce and survive.

Difference between cleaning sanitizing and disinfecting

Disinfecting and sanitizing are mostly done with the help of chemicals. Chemicals are used to kill germs. Disinfecting is more effective in killing germs rather than sanitizing. There are some disinfectants that work better in removing dirt. There are times when a cleaning product is used first then disinfected and sanitizing is done.


Disinfecting chemicals kill 99% of the germs. Disinfectants and anti-microbial pesticides must be registered with pesticide regulation agencies. Disinfectant is not used in removing junk; rather it kills germs. The misuse or overuse of disinfection can cause environmental problems.

One of the best tips to disinfect high-touch areas is to hire janitorial cleaning services in London Ontario. They not only clean the areas of your space but also the door’s locks, cabinet pools and other related parts. Never skip cleaning before you disinfect. Cleaning is an essential part if you want the best result. Also, EPA warns against the use of disinfectants due to public health concerns. You must use an absolute amount of chemicals.


Sanitization is mostly done with the help of chemical products which reduces the germs on the surface to a level considered safe for the public. Sanitizing kills most of the germs but it does not remove dirt. Sanitizing is mostly used in food service settings and also in washing hands where there is no availability of washing facilities. You can also sanitize the washing machine, steam cleaner, and dishwasher to keep your appliances clean. Steam cleaning is really useful to remove the germs from porous surfaces that are difficult to sanitize using spray or liquids like an upholstery carpet and fabrics.


Throughout history, mankind has regarded cleanliness as important when it was used to wash bodies and clean clothes with water and natural compounds. The development of fabrics, cultural expectations, and technological advancements influence cleaning habits. 

Cleaning is referred to in terms of wiping dusting which is common in every space. Commercial cleaning is for business areas where it is required to do daily. Commercial cleaning includes main desk areas wiping, floor cleaning, dusting and other areas like the kitchen toilet and dishwashing.

How does cleaning impact your business?

There are many reasons for cleaning that impact your business. Some of them are-

First impressions Matters

An attractive and tidy work environment appeals to potential clients and makes them feel welcome. Strong attention to detail and an instilled sense of trust give clients the impression that we are efficient and trustworthy from the very beginning. On the other hand, dirty floors and smudged conference tables tell your potential clients that you do not take care of employees. 

Air quality

Workplace performance and employee health are also greatly impacted by air quality. There are 100 times more pollutants in the air indoors than outdoors, which makes investing in a filtration system even more important and urgent. Plants that filter excess carbon dioxide from the air and provide additional levels of clean air and oxygen are a great way to improve the air quality in your company.

Elevate your brand

A tidy work environment is interpreted by consumers as synonymous with superior, high-quality products. Whether you’re selling furniture or serving food, it doesn’t matter any products and services you may offer will be judged by how your office space looks and feels. Ensure that your work environment isn’t messy so that potential customers walk away before you can speak to them.

Final Lines

The industry and regulatory groups are focused on removing disinfected residues effectively because they pose numerous risks to cleanroom environments. Disinfectant residues can be combated in many ways, such as by implementing a routine residue removal program, implementing “low-residue” disinfectant formulations, and providing operator training.

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